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Terms & conditions

Couture Bridal starts at $2,500. The final cost of your garment is determined by the materials and the design of the garment.


Consultation fees are for scheduling/securing your appointment date. This fee does not go towards your final cost.

  A  50% deposit is required to begin all work. All deposits and consultation fees are non-refundable.


If you decide to go with us for your couture order please understand you will be required to come in for a minimum of three (3) fittings.  You will be required to come in so that we can take your official measurements. If you are not open/flexible for fittings and measurements please consider purchasing one of our ready-to-wear garments for your event.

Alvera will not be able to make your couture order without flexible/open availability.


Couture orders are based on previous orders ahead, event dates, and largely when an individual can come in for fittings. Bridal wear is based on an even larger scale. We ask that all couture brides start their search/order  10 months to a year in advance. If your wedding is in less than 10 months please email us with your wedding date for a faster response. Rush fees may apply.

Inspirational photos are welcomed however, Alvera does not replicate other designer's work.

We are home based located in Chicago Heights, Illinois

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